Online Poker Tips From The Professional

At the poker table it doesn’t have to be deadly serious or quiet and certainly not unfriendly and disrespectful. But if you are a chatterbox in real life and live it out at the real or online poker table, you won’t get very far there. Not only does it annoy other players if there are slogans in chat boxes all the time, but it definitely also has a bad effect on your own concentration. And the teammates get a good insight into the emotional state and could use it to their advantage. Therefore: less chatting or chatting and more concentration and winning!

Brrr, Take It Easy, Brauner …

Leaking out at the poker table is a no-go. If a player is overwhelmed by outbursts of negative emotions, it is extremely bad for his game. Knowing your own weaknesses is very important and if that includes being a bad loser then you have to work to make it better. Because even if none of the other players would notice anything from a freak out while playing online poker, it still has an effect on your own game. With a cool head, players will definitely get further than with constant nerve tension. The game of poker is already exciting enough, so players should always enjoy their poker game calmly and prudently.

When The Color Swatch Messes Up The Flush

It doesn’t happen often, but in the excitement, that our eyes only see the colors of the poker cards and the symbols get mixed up. Especially when playing online poker, the red playing cards hearts and diamonds or black spades and clubs are sometimes quite easy to mix up. It’s horrific when you’re all-in and it turns out it wasn’t a flush at all! Visual deceptions are quite possible after a long game at the virtual poker table and with exciting card constellations. But there is technical help for this. Many online poker rooms offer a change in the deck of playing cards. This can usually be activated under Settings or Options by activating the four-color deck of cards.

Limits – Setting Yourself Limits

One of the worst mistakes in online poker is that a player’s skill level or bankroll is not good enough for the limit at the table they are playing at. Big losses up to complete bankruptcy threaten here. If you have no idea where to set your limit, you can follow common rules of thumb. One is to hold chips worth at least 40 buy-ins in no-limit games and around 300 big blinds in limit games. In general, players should only play higher table limits once they have successfully mastered lower limits.

Analyze The Other Players

Every single poker hand must be rated in relation to each other. The strength of your own cards, which your opponent is playing and how they are playing, play a role. Not only the number of outs must be considered, but also the possible card constellations that could then result in the flop, turn and river sections of the game. Especially hands that are better than your own poker hand. This is only possible if, in addition to the cards, the reactions and game actions of fellow players are constantly analyzed in a poker game.

Passive Play Costs Profits

It is not a bad tip at the beginning of a new round of poker to play very passively or quite “tight”. After all, this is the strategy that many online poker professionals play. But if the first teammates fold, it shouldn’t continue. Then sometimes you have to play a little more aggressively, even if a loss could threaten. Poker players watch each other play all the time. So if a player suddenly stops playing “tight” and raises cheerfully, they will smell the roast and stop playing. Instead of passively, you should play more aggressively when playing online poker – but never mindlessly, of course.

What Bankroll Has To Do With Skills

The amount a player sets for their poker game is known as their bankroll. The bankroll determines what table limits he can play and when he is bankrupt. Similar to how everyone should know their account balance in real life, it is important to keep your own bankroll in the back of your mind and not to exceed it. The latter only makes sense if players regularly win good pots. Until then, players should always adjust their bankroll to match their own playing skills.

Analyze Your Own Game Statistics


Even if poker is a game of chance – if you want long-term success at it, you have to work constantly on your game. You can’t do that without a detailed analysis of all of his games. Not only should your own profit and losses be analyzed, but also your own strategy, table limits, poker variant and poker rooms. In this way, many sources of error can be recognized and your own game can be improved again and again.

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