All In: The Poker Movie

 The documentary looks back on the years after the turn of the millennium, in which the game of poker experienced a renaissance worldwide. It shows the development of the poker tournaments, the professionals and everything that goes with them, for example how Hollywood stars did their part to make it popular. The Poker Movie is considered by many to be one of the premier documentaries on poker.

A Kid’s Game: The Story of Online Poker focuses on the online poker game. Some of the best online players of the time are interviewed on a whole range of topics: from the ego of the players to the topic of logical thinking, motivation to the ups and downs of a poker career – all child’s play.

A film that was shown in 2012 was very exciting: Inside: Underground Poker . The secret poker rounds are specially illuminated in New York City. The poker scene, the players, the organized crime connection, gambling addiction and much more. And the film also shows that secret underground poker games are actually no different from normal poker games.

In 2013 another documentary about online poker was released: Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker . From the development of the online game to its very successful rise as one of the top-selling games of chance in the world, everything is shown. There are interviews with three of the most famous online poker players of the time, Danielle Andersen, Tony Dunst and Martin Bradstreet. These three players were targeted by the US gambling authorities. In 2011, the US authorities even shut down online poker sites. Since it was about several hundred million dollars, it is clear that the film is made quite exciting.

That same year, High Stakes: The Story of Sam Trickett came out. This is about the mental life of this successful British poker player, his gambling addiction, his depression and ultimately his transformation into a successful professional.

In 2014 Nosebleed was shown. The story of top French professionals Alex Luneau and Sebastien Sabic shows what happens in online high-stakes cash games. The director wanted to show the life of the two behind the gaming tables and received a media prize at the European Poker Awards 2014 for this.

In the same year a documentary about a poker player ran on 3Sat with the simple title Player . Rustem Saparow plays poker for fun but also professionally and the director Katharina Copony from Austria documents this impressively. Her film received good reviews in the media.

In 2015 there was finally a documentary about a poker player in : Jennifer Harman: Poker Queen . Harman is one of the most successful poker players in the world and has sat at the table with poker greats like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu. It shows what makes Harman’s career so unique: her consistency, her very high level. This documentary is the first to address the conflicts between the old and new generations of poker players who have learned to play poker online .

The documentary Kid Poker – Say Nothing is really interesting . Do nothing. Be Nothing . It was released in 2015 and accompanies top player Daniel Negreanu from childhood to his Hollywood career. A really worth seeing biography.

And then there was even a reality show that was about poker! 2 Months $ 2 Million ran in 2009. The show saw four online poker players win $ 2 million in just two months. What the poker pros had previously achieved in several years of their careers, they now had to do in just two months. What is interesting for the audience is that they can see which techniques the four players used and the differences between online poker and casino poker.

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